Personality[edit | edit source]

Hibiki is a high school student and a member of the most famous and number one group idols the "Callings". Hibiki likes teasing Rhythm time by time and some time give her an advice. In the

Hibiki flirt with Rhythm

beginning of episodes, Hibiki sounds a bit cold when talk to Rhythm evn if his intentions was giving her an advice. But, their relationship change because when the Tiara Cup is approaching ( episode 9 ) Rhythm changed and started to train hard, even try to cut a contact with Aira, that's when Rhythm went off outside by herself and accidently saw Hibiki training by himself. There Hibiki giving an advice to Rhythm with sweet words and even said that smile is the best suited for Rhythm. Hibiki tells Rhythm that it's their 'Secret Place'. Rhythm started to blush and Hibiki have feelings for Rhythm in this episode afterwards.

History[edit | edit source]

Hibiki and the rest of th Callings's members are already graduated before Aira and Rhythm join the accompany. Hibiki has a younger sister named Toudou Kanon and living in Kyoto. Hibiki i

From left to right ( Hibiki, Sho, Wataru )

s a cool-type person. Hibiki really likes Rhythm's face when she smile. Though Hibiki always teasing Rhythm, usually he did that beause he want to see Rhythm's smile. He likes sharing advice to Rhythm.

Hibiki is a good friends with Sho and Wataru. He's the only one using his surname because her sister Toudou Kanon is an idol too.

PRDMF Only 3 Years later from Aurora Dream

Later in last episode of Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, Hibiki become more realizing about his feelings, like when Rhythm said that it'll more motivated her if Hibiki come live with her too.

It's seemed like Hibiki is scared of his younger sister, it can be shown at the last episodes.

In the last episode it shown that Hibiki start dating Rhythm. Later in the Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, it's revealed that Rhythm and Hibiki already getting married in half and a years.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hibiki has brown eyes and blue hair. Hibiki usually shown with casual clothes though sometimes with disguised clothes. He likes smiling in front of Rhythm.


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