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Otoha is a 14-year-old 8th grader who is part of the Edel Rose team. She can smell the scent of music. She constantly comments on other performances, saying that the good performances were like a "fairy tale".


Otoha has blonde hair that is usually in short pigtails. She has violet-blue eyes. Her color is Yellow. 


Otoha is a shy person who gets scared easily. She looks up to Bell-san, who was the person who lent her a pair of shoes for her first Prism Show from way back. Otoha likes to make tea, resulting in one of her prism jumps to be about tea. Otoha is the Feminine type. 

Prism Show

Otoha first performed in episode 11, during the competition they were participating in. Many people were surprised by how she was able to perform so well because of her usualy shy personality. Otoha can jump 3 consecutive jumps in a row in episode 21, in which she re-auditioned to become part of Edel Rose. Her instrument is a saxophone and her Penguin coach is called Femini. 

Prism Jumps


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