Takamine Mion
Name Takamine Mio
Age 14 years old




O +

Eyes Dark Blue
Hair Blond
Special Features Excels in everything but especially able to sing well



Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Azusa Kataoka


Mion is a popular model and is headstrong. She doesn't stop at anything.'she always says her thoughts outloud and can be stubborn sometimes too. She seems to be very quarrelsome and sometimes even looking down on people. However she seems to have warmed up a little to Aira and Rhythm. She always says that there is nothing that she can't do and is perfect. Mion believes that she has to be an adult because her parents are busy and that she can't make trouble for people.


Mion is a charismic model that is very popular. Mion grew up doing everything by herself because her parents were always so busy. That is why she thinks that she can do any and everything. In the anime, in the beginning, she was shown to have thought that the Prism Show was not worth her time at the moment. However after watching Aira's surprising performance at the Tiara Cup, she was motivated to do the Prism Show.


Mion has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She is shown to never have changed her hairstyle or even put an accessory on her hair.

Prism Shows

Mion has done some jumps they are:

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So slider

Golden Star Magic

Star Dust Shower

Tokimeki Memory Leaf

She is very good in the Prism Show and is shown to be even better than both Aira and Rizumu. Many rivals want to face her because they find her a challenge. Even though she is so much better than Rhythm she knows that Aira and Rhythm can win the Summer Queen Cup because they are more compatible than her and one of the girls. She doesn't want anyone to pity or surpass her so she tries her best. She is very confident though and does not like cheating during a competition like the Tiara Cup when some girls stole Aira and Rhythm's stones.

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