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Todo Kanon

14,15 years old (Aurora Dream)

17,18 years old (Dear My Future)

Gender Female
Bloodtype AB
Birthday 1997
Astrological Sign Libra
Hometown Kyoto, Japan
Eyes Yellow Brown
Family Hibiki Toudou (Older Brother), Yoshimitsu Toudou (Father)

Shino Toudou (Mother), Amamiya Rizumu (Sisiter -in-Law) (DMF Only)

Affiliation Serenon, Pretty Top (DMF)
Fashion Element Feminine
Theme Color Mint Green
My Song Don't Give Up
Anime Debut Episode 20
Japanese Voice Satomi Akesaka (AD),Rika Komatsu (Mini Skirt)

Toudou Kanon is a character introduced later in the story like Serena. Voiced by: Rika Komatsu (Mini Skirt), Satomi Akesaka (Aurora Dream)Kanon


She is usually very elegant and reserved, with her brown hair and light brown eyes. However when it comes to Hibiki she gets all fired up to stop competition for him. She and Rizumu had a rivalry regarding him, while Rizumu didn't know that Kanon was actually his younger sister. She is a typical sister who loves her brother too much, even though Hibiki doesn't know. She is also from Kyoto while Hibiki isn't but continue to come make sure Rizumu and Hibiki don't become a couple. She is always seen doing comedy acts with Serena.


Kanon is a very pretty girl with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Prism Show[]

Kanon first performed a prism show with Serena, in episode 22. She is part of the duo SereNon.

Prism Jumps[]