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[[Category:Female characters]]
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Pretty Rhythm Dear-My-Future scence

Prism Stars New Stage (PURETTY♪ & PRIZMMY☆)

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

The second season of Pretty Rhythm has started. There are 9 new members of the anime. 

Main Characters

Mia Ageha

Reina Miyama

Karin Shijima

Ayami Ooruri

Hye In

So Min

Shi Yoon

Chae Kyoung

Jae Un 

Plot Line

Much like Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, this sequel revolves around a group of young performers who want to become the very best. These 9 idols were also the ones who had witnessed Aira's famous Prism Jump, "Aurora Rising Dream". There are two groups that compete against each other, Prizmmy and PURETTY. The main team, Prizmmy, learn and grow alongside each other, under the care of MARs, their mentors. They see their mistakes and try their best to change for the better. 

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