Episode 2: Rizumu, Heart's JumpEdit

"Rizumu, Heart's Jump!" "Rizumu, Kokoro no Janpu!" (りずむ、心のジャンプ!) is the second episode of the Pretty Rhyhtm anime.


Rizumu is upset that Aira did the prism jump and challenges her to a dance-off. Jun offers them both a scholarship to the school and Ryhthm runs off claiming she can make it on top by herself. Aira visits her house and helps Rizumu with her sense of fashion. At the Prisim show Rizumu does not get a special outfit and is stuck in the clothes Aira picked out for her. When it was time to do the prism jump, Aira couldn't do it because she was nervous. Rizumu began to hear the clothes Aira picked out sing and she did a Prism jump. In the end Aira and Rizumu become best friends.


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