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Kaname Chris (久里須 かなめ Kurisu Kaname)is a mysterious girl who joined Serena and Kanon in the Crystal High Heel Cup. She has taken a liking towards Aira.

Voiced by: Kanae Itō

Kaname's Life in Russia[]

In a flashback that Kaname first met Sonata in a circus in Russia. Sonata gave her a banana, seeing that Kaname might be hungry. Then they started performing at the circus, until one night Sonata asked Kaname a favor, which is for Kaname to learn and perfect the Aurora Rising. Kaname agreed even though she does not know what the jump is. Sonata smiles which made Kaname smile, saying that she finally saw her smile outside the circus. That's when Sonata gave Kaname her name and said from this day forward her will be Chris Kaname then she told her to call her "Mom" and she said ok.


To get to know people better she touches their heart, smells them, or licks them. She calls Kanzaki Sonata "mom". In episode 51, Kaname is seen living with Rizumu and her parents. She even shares a very similar personality to Rizumu. She came from a circus in Russia and likes to eat bananas.

Prism Shows[]

Kaname in Episode 42

Kaname is very good at Prism Shows, since she was taught by the legendary Prism Queen, Sonata who is also Rhythm's mother. Kaname has never created her own Prism Jump, but can copy many others'. Her performance song is called "Shall We Go".

Prism Jumps[]


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