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Ayase Naru made her first debut in episode 1. She is one of the 7 main characters, owning one of the Legendary 7th Coords. Her color is pink. She is 14 years-old. Naru seems to have some connection with Kouji. Currently, she is the manager of the store, Prism Stone. Naru often says "Happy Naru". She can see the colors of music. 


Naru has short, bobby pink hair with golden eyes. She is usually smiling. Her Prism Show color is pink. 


Naru is a happy-go-lucky girl. She likes many things, and is often impressed by others, but usually isn't filled with jealousy or hatred towards a person, no matter what they do. She is a kind person, letting Rinne stay at her house when she volunteered. 

Prism Show

Naru isn't very experienced with Prism Shows, since she just became a manager. However, she was the first person to jump 3 consecutive jumps in a row. Naru has a Lovely Prism Element. Her Penguin coach is named Lovelyn. Her Prism Live Instrument is a guitar. 

Prism Jumps


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