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Sonata Amamiya (previously Sonata Kanzaki before marriage) was a famous Prism Star known for jumping the legendary Prism Jump, Aurora Rising and became Prism Queen after that.

Sonata with Omi

Sonata's Past[]

Sonata is the Legendary Prism Queen who performed the Aurora Rising, thirteen years before Aurora Dream started. She suddenly disappeared after saying she hadn't completed the Aurora Rising. It was said by Andy that her soul was dead after she woke up and got out of the hospital. She's Rizumu's mother and Amamiya Ryutaro's wife. She was very good friends with Aira's mother, Omi Harune and President Kyōko. She is Kaname Chris's coach, in order to perfect her Aurora Rising. It is later revealed in a flashback that she met Chris Kaname in a circus in Russia. Sonata gave her a banana, seeing that Kaname might be hungry. Then they started performing at the circus, until one night Sonata asked Kaname a favor, which is for Kaname to learn and perfect the Aurora Rising. Kaname agreed even though she does not know what the jump is. Sonata smiles which made Kaname smile, saying that she finally saw her smile outside the circus. She was the one who made Andy, Rizumu's beloved stuffed bear.

She felt that the jump she did was fake and that she had to find the true meaning of the Aurora Rising, so she abandoned her family, her husband Ryutaro and daughter Rizumu, 13 years previous to Aurora Dream. While she was a performer at a circus in Russia, she met Kaname Chris, whom she took in as her apprentice and adopted daughter to train her the true Aurora Rising. By the end of the series, she has returned home as Ryutaro's wife and Rizumu and Kaname's mother. In a flashback in Dear My Future, she has been shown with a new baby that may be a second child with Ryutaro.