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#Ep.19 Stardust Shower(Aira and Rizumu)
#Ep.19 Stardust Shower(Aira and Rizumu)
#Ep.29 Cheerful Hip Hop Win(MARs)
#Ep.29 Cheerful Hip Hop Win(MARs)
#Ep.27 Heartful Splash(Aira and Rizumu)
#Ep.27 Heartful Splash Duet(Aira and Rizumu)
#Do Re Mi Fa Slider(MARs)
#Do Re Mi Fa Slider(MARs)
#Ep.30 Tokimeki Halloween Night(MARs)
#Ep.30 Tokimeki Halloween Night(MARs)
#Ep.31 Fresh Garden Sunshine(MARs)
#Ep.31 Vitamin Garden Sunshine(MARs)
#Ep.37 MARS Phoenix(MARs)
#Ep.37 MARS Phoenix(MARs)
#Ep.38 Miracle Snow Prism(MARs)
#Ep.38 Miracle Snow Christmas(MARs)
=='''CALLINGS Prism Jumps'''==
=='''CALLINGS Prism Jumps'''==

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Prism Jumps

  1. Ep.1 Fresh Fruit Basket (Aira)
    Dolphin venus
  2. Ep.2 Heartful Splash(Rizumu)
  3. Ep.3 Fresh Fruit Basket(Aira)
  4. Ep.4 Colourful Choco Parade(Rizumu)
  5. Ep.4 Love-filled Adventure(Aira)
  6. Ep.5 Fresh Fruits basket(Aira)
  7. Ep.6 Heartful Splash(Rizumu)
  8. Ep.6 Explosive Heart Dive(Rizumu)
  9. Ep.7 Fresh Fruits Basket(Aira)
  10. Ep.7 Stardust Shower(Rizumu)
  11. Ep.8 Pounding Heart Experience(Aira)
  12. Ep.8 Stardust Shower(Rizumu)
  13. Ep.9 Happy Macaroon Spin(Rizumu)
  14. Ep.10 Lovely Rainbow (Aira)
  15. Ep.11 Lovely Rainbow(Aira)
  16. Ep.11 Stardust Shower(Rizumu)
  17. Ep.12 HAppy Macaroon Spin(Rizumu)
  18. Ep.12 Bloom Bloom Blooming Love Flowers- (Aira)
  19. Ep.12 Do-re-mi-fa- Slider(Mion)
  20. Ep.12 Golden Star Magic(Mion)
  21. Ep.14 Stardust Shower(Mion)
  22. Ep.14 Do-re-me-fa-slider(Mion)
  23. Ep.14 Explosive heart Dive(Rizumu)
  24. Ep.14 Throbbing Memory Leaf(Mion)
  25. Ep.15 Colourful Choco Parade Duet(Rizumu & Aira)
  26. Ep.15 Throbbing Memory Leaf(Mion)
  27. Ep.16 Throbbing Memory Leaf(Mion)
  28. Ep.16 Golden Star Magic(Mion)
  29. Ep.17 Colourful Choco Parade Duet(Rizumu & Aira)
  30. Ep.17 Wonder Sweets Show(Aira & Rizumu)
  31. Ep.18 Heart Arc Fantasy(Aira & Rizumu)
  32. Ep.19 Crystal Splash(Aira)
  33. Ep.19 Poppin Candy Rocket(Rizumu)
  34. Ep.19 Stardust Shower Duet(Aira & Rizumu)
  35. Ep.20 Fly high Cheer Girl(Aira & Rizumu)
  36. Ep.21 Fly high Cheer Girl(Aira & Rizumu)
  37. Ep.21 Hat Trick Serve(Serena & Kanon)
  38. Ep.21 Prism Rainbow Hurricane(Serena & Kanon)
  39. Ep.22 Golden Star Magic(Mion)
  40. Ep.23 Poppin Candy Rocket(Rizumu)
  41. Ep.23 Fluttering Petals of Love Duet(Aira & Mion)
  42. Ep.24  Do-re-mi-fa- Slider(Mion, Aira & Rizumu)
  43. Ep.24 Fly High Cheer girls(Mion & Aira)
  44. Ep.24 Stardust Shower Perfect(Rizumu)
  45. Ep.25 Poppin Candy Rocket Duet(Aira & Rizumu)
  46. Ep.25  Do-re-mi-fa- Slider(Mion, Aira & Rizumu)
  47. Ep.25 Fly high Cheer Girl(Aira & Rizumu)
  48. Ep.25 Aurora Rising [Incomplete](Rizumu)
  49. Ep.26 No Jump
  50. Ep.27 Dolphin Venus(Rizumu)
  51. Ep.28 Heart Arc Fantasy(Aira & Rizumu)
  52. Ep.28 Honey Kiss(Mion)
  53. Ep.40 Miracle Macchiato(Mion)
  54. Ep.41 Miss Fairy Girl(Aira)
  55. Ep.42 Super Stardust Shower(Rizumu)
  56. Ep.45 Shining Diamond Dust Burning(Mion)
  57. Ep.46 Dark Aurora Rising(Rizumu and Kaname)
  58. Ep.47 Fresh Fruit Paradise(Aira)
  59. Ep.47 Hat Trick Star(Serena and Kanon)
  60. Ep.47 Prism Ranbow Hurricane(Serena and Kanon)
  61. Ep.47 Lovely Rainbow(Kanon)
  62. Ep.47 Smile Smile Heart Drive(Kanon)
  63. Ep.48 Dolphin Venus Perfect(Rizumu)
  64. Ep.48 Aurora Rising(Rizumu and Kaname)
  65. Ep.49 Aurora Rising Final(Rizumu)
  66. Ep.50 Fresh Fruit Planet(Aira)
  67. Ep.50 Aurora Rising Dream(Aira)
  68. Ep.50 Eternal Big Bang... Beautiful Birth(Mion)

MARS Prism Jumps

  1. Ep.18 Heart Arc Fantasy(Aira and Rizumu)
    Mars phoenix
  2. Ep.19 Stardust Shower(Aira and Rizumu)
  3. Ep.29 Cheerful Hip Hop Win(MARs)
  4. Ep.27 Heartful Splash Duet(Aira and Rizumu)
  5. Do Re Mi Fa Slider(MARs)
  6. Ep.30 Tokimeki Halloween Night(MARs)
  7. Ep.31 Vitamin Garden Sunshine(MARs)
  8. Ep.37 MARS Phoenix(MARs)
  9. Ep.38 Miracle Snow Christmas(MARs)

CALLINGS Prism Jumps

  1. Ep.10 Infinite Hugs(Sho)
  2. Ep.10 Shooting Star Spiral(Hibiki)
  3. Ep.10 Heart Warming Shower(Wataru)
  4. Ep.30 L-O-O-K(Sho)
  5. Ep.30 Sweet Sweet Whisper(Hibiki)
  6. Ep.30 Dangerous Baby Face(Wataru)

SERE-NON Prism Jumps

  1. Ep.22 Hat Trick Serve
  2. Prism rainbow hurricane
    Ep.22 Prism Rainbow Hurricane
  3. Ep.32 Smile Smile Heart Drive
  4. Ep.37 Prism Rainbow Hurricane Max
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