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#Ep.6 Ep. Stardust Shower(Rhythm)
#Ep.6 Ep. Stardust Shower(Rhythm)
#Ep.12 Flower of Love(Aira)
#Ep.12 Flower of Love(Aira)
#Doremi-fa-so Slider(Mion)
#Ep.12 Doremi-fa-so Slider(Mion)
#Golden Star Magic(Mion)
#Ep.12 Golden Star Magic(Mion)
#Stardust Shower(Mion)
#Ep.14 Stardust Shower(Mion)
#Tokimeki Memorial Leaf(Mion)
#Ep.14 Tokimeki Memorial Leaf(Mion)

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Prism Jumps==

  1. Ep.1 Fresh Fruit Basket(Aira)
  2. Ep.2 Heartful Splash(Rhythm)
  3. Ep.4 Colourful Choco Parade(Rhythm)
  4. Ep.4 Heart Pounding Experience(Aira)
  5. Heartful Splash(Aira)
  6. Ep.6 Fun Fun Hearful Dive(Rhythm)
  7. Ep.9 Happy Macaroon Spin(Rhythm)
  8. Ep.6 Ep. Stardust Shower(Rhythm)
  9. Ep.12 Flower of Love(Aira)
  10. Ep.12 Doremi-fa-so Slider(Mion)
  11. Ep.12 Golden Star Magic(Mion)
  12. Ep.14 Stardust Shower(Mion)
  13. Ep.14 Tokimeki Memorial Leaf(Mion)
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