This perky and lively girl is the new main character of Pretty Rhythm. Having her eyes set on Aira and beating her, she tries her best and never gives up to reach her goal by first getting into Pretty Top. She calls Penguin Sensei, Pen-Chan Sensei. Her attitude toward her dreams impresses the people around her. She is shown to have a somewhat talent for the Prism Show like Aira.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mia is a high-energy girl who almost always thinks of herself first. Her catchphrases are many, including "Mia is No. 1!", "GA-GAAAAAN!" when she is shocked, and "Ki Ai Luck!" (meaning Energy Love Luck). Although she seems quite dim-witted and straight-forwardly stupid, her straight-forwardness and simpleness in fact is what keeps Prizmmy going. They know that even when Mia has bad ways of saying things, she in fact means no harm towards anyone. She never lies and always plays by the rules.

Background[edit | edit source]

3 years previous to Dear My Future, Mia was one of the audience members when Aira performed the "Aurora Rising Dream", and flew along with her because of it. Unknown to her, she was flying alongside her future Prizmmy☆ members, Karin, Reina, and Ayami.

Role in the Plot[edit | edit source]

Mia first appeared jumping up on stage during MARs's Prism Show, interrupting the entire show. Although Kyoko Asechi was infuriated, Jun Takigawa once again saw the potential for a great new Prism Star. With Kyoko's permission, he allowed Mia to join Pretty Top. Kyoko then proceeded to group Ayami, Reina, and Karin with her as a future Prism Unit, and gave them each a Pretty Top Smart Phone that held each of their bear charms. Mia's held her bear charm, Mimmy. With that Smart Phone, Mia immediately called her childhood friend in Korea, Hye In, to tell her the news. Afterwards, during training, Mia shocked everyone by flying an original Prism Jump with little training at all. At first, Mia did not get along with her fellow Prizmmy mates. She in fact was hated by them for her selfishness. During the unit's first collection of Fan Calls, to get a Fan Call, Prizmmy☆ members had the choice to throw away their pride and give a vote for themselves. While all other members gave themselves a vote and did not give a vote to anyone else, Mia did NOT vote for herself, and instead voted for all of the other members of Prizmmy☆. Touched by Mia's selflessness compared to their selfishness, Prizmmy☆ took a new look at Mia, crying to her and apologizing for ignoring her.

Prism Show[edit | edit source]

Mia is shown to have some talent in Prism Shows, much like Aira. Later on, she becomes the Prism Queen, finally achieving her dream of beating Aira.

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